Future of Health Care

Heavy Consumption of Red Meat Associated with Greater Risk of Diverticulitis

Harvard researchers have uncovered a link between consumption of red meat and an increased likelihood of developing diverticulitis.

Refining the Benefits of Exercise for People with Type 2 Diabetes

A pilot study to evaluate the effects of high-intensity exercise on metabolism suggests it is an effective option for individuals who have Type 2 diabetes.

Study Links Bariatric Surgery to Lower Risk of Congestive Heart Failure

Results from a Geisinger Obesity Institute study suggest Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery has durable protective effects with regard to congestive heart failure. This is the first time a study has shown such long-term benefits, according to researchers.

“Many studies have...

Shifting Reimbursement Spurs New Look at Care Settings

The trend toward value-based reimbursement for medical services is likely to continue, analysts say, and that has implications for healthcare real estate.

Writing in Becker’s Hospital Review, attorneys for health law firm Hall, Render, Killian, Heath, & Lyman PC, and the...

Product Spotlight

Seeing AI APP

People who are blind or who have significantly impaired vision can gather large amounts of data about the environment around them with Microsoft’s Seeing AI app.

Among the capabilities of the app, which utilizes artificial intelligence technology, are:

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Findings on Physician-assisted Suicide Suggest Need to Address Depression in MS Patients

A survey of people with multiple sclerosis reveals significant interest in physician-assisted suicide — findings that highlight the value of dealing with mental health issues among this population, according to researchers.

Answering the Call: A Virtual Solution to the Physician Shortage?

The rising popularity of telemedicine, including the growth of virtual clinics, may be a vital component of sustaining patient access to care, observers say.

That's News

Treatment Restores Movement to Mouse Models of MS

By teaching T cells not to attack neurons’ myelin sheath, University of Maryland researchers believe they could be on a path toward improved approaches to diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

An experimental treatment injected...

A Fuller Picture: The Transformative Potential of Total-body PET

PET — one of the most important tools in clinicians’ armamentarium for cancer diagnosis, staging and therapy evaluation — has a significant limitation: It can scan only a portion of the body at a time. That may change soon, with wide implications for research and clinical practice.

Full-court Oncologic Press

The challenges of cancer treatment remain formidable, particularly as the number of cases grows along with the aging U.S. population. However, scientists are exploring new avenues of research to extend life.